Taking a Leap into the Unknown

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Doing something different is a hard thing to do, but it could change your life!

We bring our children up with the sayings:

 “There is no such word as can’t” 

“You don’t know unless you try”

“You can be anything you want to be”

But as we get older, we forget these words of wisdom, we don’t practice what we preach and it limits us as adults. We become scared to try new things and stuck in our ways.  The more we do this, the less likely we are to take that leap into the unknown. 

How many times in your life have you uttered the words….”I wish I knew how to do that”, “I wish I had the confidence” or, “I wish I was doing something different”.  How many times have you blamed other influences; I have the kids to think about; It would mean shift work; I don’t have the time.  Have you ever considered that maybe the one big thing stopping you from doing something different is YOU?

Taking a leap into the unknown is super scary, I know…I’ve done it.  But it can also be SUPER rewarding! And even if it’s not, rather have lived and learned than never lived at all as they say. It doesn’t matter what it is, starting a new job, starting a new hobby, starting a family it’s all new and it’s all scary. But life is what YOU make it. 

If I think about what leaps I have taken in my career then the scariest of things would have been starting my own limited company and becoming a contractor.  What if I do a bad job? What if I fail? Can I afford to be a contractor? What happens when I have a baby? All of these negative thoughts were valid concerns, but I did it anyway, I trusted in myself and I took that leap! Every time I thought of a negative, I pushed myself to think of a positive; I will be my own boss; I will be able to work more flexibly; I will experience more companies and meet more people. Turns out starting my company was the best thing I did.   I learnt more, I met more people and I gave myself work flexibility. 

I’m a Scuba Diver and if I hadn’t taken that first Leap (or Giant Stride in Scuba terms!) I wouldn’t be a Divemaster in training today. Every time I enter the water, I am taking a Leap into the Unknown and it’s amazing! 

If you’re not happy with something, change it.  Don’t make excuses, don’t focus on the negatives, don’t let other people put you off. If you want to do something then remember those words you were probably told as a child, or those words you tell your children now….Just try your best! 

I’m not saying quit your job tomorrow, but if you want to be an accountant, look for some free courses online and learn all about it.  There’s plenty out there (*plug* I offer free courses!) See what skills you would need, do you already have them?  If you’re still passionate, look to enrol in a course. If you want to be an Artist create a few pieces and put them on your social media page, see the reaction you get.   Just GO FOR IT! What have you got to lose? 

It’s called the unknown because its just that…Unknown! You don’t have the answers, you can’t see into the future, you have no idea what path it will lead you down, but it might just be the best path you’ll ever go down! You’ll never know unless you try.